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Applying for a Rental Property

Rental Application Form

How to apply for a rental property with Harcourts Huon Valley

So that we can process your application as quickly as possible, please ensure you provide us with as much information as possible when you first apply. The following is a guide to help you with what to provide along with your application. 



Step 1: Complete a Harcourts Huon Valley Rental Application Form


Please ensure you complete a Harcourts Huon Valley Rental Application Form for each person over the age of 18 who will be living at the property. This includes as many rental, work/professional and personal references that you can provide. 



Step 2: Obtain a Personal Information Report


It is our policy that all our prospective tenants obtain a personal information report that is no more than 30 days old. 


A personal information report is a report from a collection agency which shows a persons financial history/information. To obtain your personal information report please visit the Equifax website and click on Get Started.


The purpose of the personal information reports are to assist us in evaluating your ability and intention of meeting your rental payment obligations. An unfavorable personal information report will not necessarily mean that you cannot rent a property from us, however, the better your report, the better your application presents to the owner. 



Step 3: Provide 100 Points of Identification (ID) - 1 Form of Photo ID from each Applicant is Required


Once you have completed your Harcourts Huon Valley Rental Application Form, please ensure you have copies of 100 points of identification (ID) for each person (1 of which must be photo ID) who will be living at the property. Please refer to the following guide on how to make up 100 points of ID for each person:


100 Points of ID can be made up of 2 or more of any of the following for each applicant but 1 for each must be photo ID: 

  • Passport - 70 Points
  • Drivers License - 50 Points
  • Copy of Birth Certificate - 40 Points
  • Photo ID - 30 Points
  • Last 4 Rent Receipts or Ledger - 30 Points
  • Current Personal Information Report - 20 Points
  • Minimum of 2 Written References from Previous Landlord/Agent - 20 Points
  • Copy of Phone, Gas or Power Accounts - 10 Points
  • Current Car/Motorbike Registration Papers - 10 Points
  • Bank Card, Medicare Card, Pension Card, Membership Card - 10 Points
  • Police Check - 70 Points


Step 4: Additional Information


To help make your application present better to the owner please privide as much of the following as you are comfortable with:


  • Pay Slips or any other proof of your income/employment - required
  • Centerlink Statements to show you are receiving benifits and how much - required if you are not working
  • Bank Statement/s to show any savings you might have - optional but can help your application present better to the owner
  • Rental Statements from your current or previous rental agency - optional but can help your application present better to the owner


Step 5: Submit Your Application


Once you have done the following for each applicant you are ready to submit your application:


  • Completed your application in full
  • Obtained your Personal Information Report
  • Have copies of 100 points of ID
  • Any other supporting documents / additional information


Please email your application in one email to huonvalley.rentals@harcourts.com.au.

Rental Application Form

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