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The Huon Valley

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Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

About the Huon Valley

The HuonValley Council covers 5497sq. kms. and is the southern most local government area in Australia. Despite its proximity to Hobart, a 30 minute drive away, the area retains the beauty, charm and heritage of a bygone era. The population of the Huon Valley is spread across the 5 main townships of Huonville, Franklin, Cygnet, Geeveston and Dover.

The Huon River is an iconic natural feature of the Huon Valley, meandering through the commercial hub of Huonville and making its way through the boating township of Franklin. The township is home to the Wooden Boat School where the tradition of carving fine local timbers into sea worthy vessels is continued. The Franklin community has a strong link with the Huon River, utilising the river and foreshore for sports and recreation as well as community events.

The forestry township of Geeveston is the gateway to the Great Southern Forests and home to popular attraction, the Tahune Airwalk. The Adventure Forests of the region provide an idyllic setting for bush walking, fishing, bird watching and mountain climbing. Further south the seaside town of Dover has a long maritime history. Pristine, clean waters provide a haven for marine life. Boats take shelter in the calm waters of Port Esperance. Just around the corner is Recherche' Bay, the southern most accessible point in Australia. Here, D'Encastreaux's expedition made friendly contact with the Tasmanian Aboriginal people in 1792.

The natural beauty of the Huon Valley is augmented by a rich cultural heritage. The Township of Cygnet is widely known as the artistic centre of the Huon Valley and is home to many skilled artisans and crafts people. The township comes to life every January, as the popular Cygnet Folk Festival draws artists, performers, musicians and vendors of fine food into the township.

Each township has a unique identity and history, something special to offer visitors to the Huon Valley. Tourism is a key economic driver in the Huon Valley, a sector predicted to experience growth in the coming years. Within the Huon Valley, the aquaculture industry is thriving, with access to clean rivers and oceans. Traditionally, agriculture has been the main contributor to the local economy, with local producers utilising the fertile soils and abundant rain fall to produce a wide range of crops. The cool climate is perfect for viticulture and increasingly wines cultivated in the Huon Valley are winning awards and popular acclaim.

Increasingly,the Huon Valley is drawing new residents into its towns. Blessed with abundant natural beauty, the Huon Valley offers an enviable lifestyle; a rural outlook, affordable housing prices, clean air, fresh produce and a great community spirit. Residents of the Huon Valley have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming, they have a tradition of volunteering and helping out others in need. This community spirit make the Huon Valley a wonderful place to live.

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All information above is available on the Huon Valley Councils website. www.huonvalley.tas.gov.au

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