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Marketing Information

Marketing: innovation

Innovative marketing delivers motivated buyers.

You need to make your property stand out. With the amount of advertising and competing properties, the potential buyer is often overwhelmed with different messages each day. They may have the time to quickly scan what's on offer - but they'll only pay attention to advertising that speaks to them and addresses their needs.

We work with you to carefully develop both the content and placement of your marketing - so buyers are attracted to and engaged by your property.

Research shows buyers have the highest interest during weeks 2 & 3 of your property being on the market.

Any efficient marketing plan will recognise this trend and be structured accordingly. We mix traditional advertising with more innovative techniques. This ensures both local connections and international buyers see your property.

Multiple buyers competing for your property is always preferable to a single buyer. So casting your net wide is essential. In order to accomplish this we use a huge range of tools as part of a comprehensive plan.

That's how we'll give your property the highest possible profile and get you the best possible price.

Some of the tools we use include:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Virtual and video tour
  • Pictorial signboards
  • Flyers/brochures
  • Office Window cards
  • Open homes and property previews
  • Existing client database
  • Email and SMS
  • Targeted mailings
  • Professional photography
  • Harcourts websites
  • Other real estate websites
  • Social Media

Marketing: online

The Importance of the Internet.


In today’s fast-moving society email and online marketing are vital for delivering information quickly and efficiently. Maximising your property’s exposure online is a prime objective for our marketing plans as this is often the first point of research for prospective purchasers.

We also use technology to effectively match buyers and sellers, such as the Personal Notifier. This fast and reliable system lets buyers receive automated, updated new listings according to set criteria they’ve previously established.

This means your property details are just a click of a button away from reaching a huge database.

Included among the tools we use are:

  •  Harcourts local and regional websites
  •  Harcourts national website
  •  Harcourts international websites
  •  Other national and international real estate websites
  • Harcourts eCampaig
  • Social media
  •  Email marketing
  •  QR codes
  •  Harcourts eBluebook

Marketing: print

Paper-powered sales

Traditional print marketing is a vital part of any marketing campaign. With carefully selected and targeted media, we will launch your property to the market in an efficient, cost effective method.

The Bluebook is one of the best marketing tools we offer. This renowned, full colour publication is focused regionaly and distributed throughout the Harcourts international network. With an online eBluebook in addition to the over 3 million copies published annually, it’s a great forum for spotlighting your property.

Another good reason to invest in print marketing is the longevity of the message in the marketplace. It’s a form of media that often sits around the home or office, with added research and repeat viewings of your property from the potential buyer.

Marketing options may include:

  • Local newsprint
  • Regional newsprint
  • Harcourts Bluebook property magazine
  • Other magazines
  • Direct mail
  • Property brochure

Marketing: visual

It’s important to show your best side.

Highlighting the positive aspects of your property across a range of media is important. As buyers generally refer to many different media types when researching potential options, our marketing plan will make use of other avenues to highlight print and online advertising.

We analyse the strengths of each media placement as well. For example, an obvious choice for marketing your property would be property signage which is one of the biggest referres of direct enquiry to the Harcourts website.

No matter where the potential buyers view your property, we will make sure it looks its best.

Visual marketing options may incluse:

  • Property signage
  • Window cards
  • Professional photography
  • Virtual tour
  • Video tour